Nissei Product Line


Precision Injection Molds

Production of high quality, high cavitation, precision injection molds.Using the latest computer-aided design and mold manufacturing technology, including leading edge automation and robotics. We are able to provide cavity to cavity repeatability and consistency cycle after cycle; total interchangeability ensures the highest possible level of productivity and reduced manufacturing time in a world where speed to market in critical to your success.

Injection Molding Equipment

Nissei America is the world leader in injection molding technology with over 100,000 machines in the field in 80 countries around the world. Nissei is focused on providing injection molding machines with the highest technological innovations and is accepted by the industry as the leader setting the standards. They deliver the highest quality injection machines.

  • Hybrid high precision injection molding machines from 7-946 U.S. tons
  • Electric all servo molding machines from 15-507 U.S. tons
  • Two material injection molding machines
  • Vertical clamp machines for insert molding
  • Ultra-high speed injection machines for thin wall applications
  • Special purpose machines for rubber, optical, LIM, ceramic and metal molding


Desiccant Dryers, Mold Temp. Controllers & Material Handling Systems

Matsui America offers the highest quality rotor desiccant dryers, mold temperature controllers, hot air dryers and many more material handling application solutions.

  • State-of-the-art ceramic rotor desiccant dryers
  • Material handling systems
  • Mold temperature controllers
  • Material blending systems



Automation Equipment

Sailor Automation

We presently have over 30 years of experience and offer state-of-the-art automation technology, the highest level of reliability and longest product life. Let us offfer your business a complete system with easy set-up, excellent support, cost and value.

  • Pneumatic traversing robots
  • AC digital full servo robot 
  • Sprue pickers
  • AC servo motors 



Press Automation & Material Reclaim Systems

Meisei America is a system supplier for the injection molding industry. Our innovative equipment provides increased productivity, higher part quality, and maximum raw material savings.

  • Perfection Repelletizer for sprue/runner reclaim
  • Cycle time saving Runner/Product separators
  • Multi-stage screenless Minicrusher Granulators
  • Universal Nozzle to eliminate drool and stringing on injection molding machines.


Screw Repairs

Vanguard now offers repairs for your injection molding screws and barrels.   Send your worn feedscrew or barrel to our repair facility in Florida - at our expense (weight more than UPS ground will pick up requires prior approval to arrange shipping).  Once received, we will evaluate and send you a quote detailing the complete repair options.  If components are beyond reasonable repair then we will provide you a quote for new replacement parts. 

Small diameter feedscrews ( less than 36 mm) often have only about .50 mm (.020”) total wear to the diameter and can have material added back to restore them to a new condition.  This type of repair typically takes about 10 business days or less.  If urgent, and you let us know immediately we can often complete this work in 5-7 business days.

Larger diameter screws likely will have more than .50 mm of wear and this repair can be more extensive requiring 15-20 business days depending on the severity of the condition.  Large diameter screws can be costly to replace, especially if there are unique barrier flights or mixers on the feedscrew.  In most cases repair of large diameter screws is more cost effective than purchasing new feedscrews.

Barrel repair involves boring the inside diameter to allow for a replacement sleeve to be inserted.  This repair can be extensive ranging from 80% to 25% of the cost of a new barrel.   Accurate measurement of a barrel once received at our repair facility will determine how extensive of a repair is necessary.  The replacement sleeve can be standard bimetallic or carbide depending on the wear resistance desired. We look forward to working with you on your next repair!


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